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Optimise your strategic messaging

Do you attract enough prospects?

Do you attract the wrong prospects?

Do competitors steal 'your' business?


If these issues concern you...


We can help you tackle any of these problems.

We can help you stand out from the crowd.

We share our deep experience through lively, proven and productive workshops.


Without a clear strategy, the right choice of messages and a clear view of your audiences, your company can be overwhelmed by an avalanche of inappropriate responses.

Well-defined strategic messages from top to bottom of the company give you maximum control of what reaches your preferred audiences. All other sources of messages about you are, quite simply, rogue. They range from well-meaning, but misinformed, comment to deliberate misrepresentation.

Your truth is the one that has to be heard above all the noise and the one that informs the influencers to say the right things about your company and its products or services.

We see your ideal messaging strategy as something like this:


Strategy-Led Communication


Strategic messages provide a foundation for all the tactical 'content' you deploy via various media now and in the future.

Our unique combination of skills and expertise enables us to validate, improve or redevelop your core messages

We can help shorten your time to results. We can save you time and money with our 'no commitment' expert engagements.

Well-thought-out strategic messages will help you improve revenue, influence investors or brief other advisors and partners.



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The Refinery


About us


A note from The Messagery:
The Messagery

IBM introduced outsider David Tebbutt to insider David Topping almost 30 years ago in order to blend their complementary and overlapping skills to get good and realistic messages out to the market.

As a prominent tech editor and journalist, Tebbutt was relentlessly focused on reader-interest. As a company marketing insider, Topping knew what IBM needed to communicate. They were on opposite sides of the fence but, between them, they would push at each others' boundaries to find messages that would work for all concerned.

Since then they have done exactly that for every company Topping has run marketing for, while Tebbutt has done it for over 200 major tech companies as part of his media skills training courses.

In recent years, they've also teamed up to create sponsored (and compact) guide books for business people that explained the benefits, the risks and the actions they need to take regarding modern technology (Cyber Security and Critical National Infrastructure). They also helped create and ghost-write several associated issue-led corporate blog posts for their clients.

Unlike many, they don't seek dependent or retainer-based relationships. They like nothing better than seeing their clients become self-sufficient.

David Tebbutt says:
David Tebbutt

“Nothing gives me more pleasure than helping others, whether it’s through writing, training, editing or creating and publishing useful software. I’ve been very fortunate to have had multiple and, frequently, parallel careers in all of these areas. The Messagery represents a wonderful opportunity to blend all of this experience to help others make the most of the stories they have to tell. To me, and you, the audience is everything.”    Full profile pdf

David Topping says:
David Topping

"One of the things I have most enjoyed in 40 years working in tech, is the benefit that good technology can bring to its users. I still find it immensely satisfying. The thing that I've enjoyed least is when it's been badly explained. I've spent my whole career creating or identifying the features that benefit people most and then explaining them clearly. The Messagery is quite simply where I get the chance to do this for more people!"    Full profile pdf



We specialise in helping you create foundational core messages that will influence your target audiences whoever they are – prospects, investors, internal staff, service partners, journalists, analysts, and so on. To succeed, your messages have to be heard above the noise and chatter of the marketplace. This means they must be clearly written, attention-grabbing and set you apart from your competitors.

We offer a tried and tested methodology and skill set that, working together, will help you sell your stories.

It’s a bit cheeky but someone once told us we helped them clean up their mess(ages).

Let's take a look, from different perspectives of you using our services:


Whether you are an English-speaking organisation or a subsidiary of an international company (that needs to localise its messages), our services help you to:

  • attract more prospects, with a clear idea of your value to them
  • spend less time correcting misconceptions
  • shorten your selling cycles and speed ROI
Accelerate your time to revenue


Investors at any stage; angel, venture, IPO or exit, can:

  • kick start your company with the right messages for your market
  • do this without you having to wait for expensive hires
  • accelerate the investor's return on investment at start-up, growth or a later stage
Show you'll make the most of their investment


If you’re a company looking for investors, you may have a great business plan, but do your prospective investors:

  • understand how you benefit your customers or clients?
  • see that you can make that clear from day one?
  • see that you'll make the most of their investment?
Show you'll deliver a speedy ROI


You would make the work of these advisors easier and more successful with messages that were:

  • attractive and properly targeted
  • demonstrably true
  • well-researched
Show you've done the vital groundwork

Deeper services


Contextual Research + Analysis

For time or budget reasons, you may prefer us to do the groundwork needed for a contextual understanding of your competitive marketplace. This provides the foundation for your core company messages

Contextual Research and Analysis pdf

Develop Core Messages

Your core company messages encapsulate your company ‘personality’ and give clear guidance to others as they develop and propel your story. We believe you are best placed to do this, but we could help (and include our Refinery function).

Core Message Workshop pdf

Product Messages Workshop

Practical and enjoyable message creation guidance with insightful feedback gives product specialists the inside track on the value proposition development process. It also raises awareness of how outside audiences need to hear the stories.

Specialised Workshops pdf

Issue Messages Workshop

Our workshops enable attendees to identify target customers and service partners and their key issues and opportunities. This leads the delegates to create issue-led messages that leave them informed, empowered and able to stand on their own two feet.

Specialised Workshops pdf

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