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David Terrar grills our David Tebbutt on air (August 7 2023)

The UK-based Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) is a non-profit organisation that represents the interests of software, platform, infrastructure, and service providers in the cloud ecosystem. It does this through publications, events, research and advisory services. The Messagery's David Tebbutt was interviewed on this morning's Tech Wave Forum (TWF!) show by cloud expert and recently appointed CIF CEO, David Terrar, addressing industry issues as well as answering questions about our work. If you have LinkedIn access, enjoy!

This is how David Terrar introduced our part of the recording before it happened:

I'll be delighted to be joined live in the studio by my good friend and writing mentor David Tebbutt. He's been in the tech space even longer than I have! He relaunched and was editor of Personal Computer World back in 1979 and so I'll make sure he shares some of his unique perspective on the tech scene. David has just launched The Messagery with David Topping - a company that helps organisations to clarify their strategic messaging. Those are skills that a lot of tech companies in our space need to get better at.

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(The video will start from the point that our 14-minute segment begins. A transcript is here)